The Wray Way

The Wray Way blends a child's natural curiosity and creativity with hands-on learning while being guided and encouraged by an experienced teacher. 

We use their 5 senses to open the hidden treasures of their mind. 

Each child will experience the joy of being successful in their learning experience. 


The Wray Way is a learning system developed by Mel Wray to help students with learning difficulties while enjoying the process of learning.

Having taught since 1970, Mel Wray came up with a method that has been proven to work. It's called Learning 2 Learn The Wray Way. 

As a child with learning difficulties herself, the Wray Way is based on 3 principles she used to help her find a way to love learning. She now serves to help children of all ages find their love of learning, too. 

Using this method, she has helped over a thousand students overcome learning disabilities or accelerate their learning in both traditional and non-traditional classroom environments. Her approach is a combination of self-confidence building, mastery of fundamentals and creative problem solving that empowers students who have struggled with standard classroom instruction in the past.

With 40 years of hands-on classroom experience, she knows that every child is different and responds to different strategies. She also knows that ALL students can achieve something well beyond what their standardized test scores or report card grades say they can.

Every child can learn when they are learning The Wray Way!


Young Boy Student Graduation

The Wray Way includes:

  • One-on-one instruction for children with learning differences such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Autism
  • Experienced, compassionate, certified teachers
  • Specialized strategies for each child
  • Collaboration with the classroom teacher
  • An atmosphere of trust among teacher, parents, and students
  • Hands-on activities
  • Integration of proven physical exercise strategies with the learning process
  • Learning environment that adapts to their learning styles
  • Parent support resources 
  • Financial scholarships on a needs basis thanks  to our generous donors