The capacity to learn is a gift.
The ability to learn is a skill.
The willingness to learn is a choice.
— Brian Herbert

Happy Parents & Students

The Wray Way Testimonial 1

As Hope's Kindergarten year approaches an end, her father and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done to make it happy and successful. You are a caring and loving teacher who puts children on the positive path to learning. This stationary shows how people feel just walking into your room. (All warm and fuzzy.)

It is amazing to us how well Hope is performing academically. She reads and writes beautifully because of the tutelage she has received in your class. You have made learning easy and fun.

I would personally like to thank you for allowing me to spend more time in your class "freshening up" my teaching skills.

Besides getting to know you as a teacher, I have also enjoyed getting to know you as a friend. I hope that we will continue to be in touch long after Hope leaves your class and even after she leaves David Elementary.

— Marti and Tom Woodby


The Wray Way Testimonial 2

I love Mrs. Wray because she is fun. She has a cool room. I really like the science center. This year we got some caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies. She loves to teach about science. When she is away from school, she finds something cool like a bull wasp nest, she brings it to the classroom to share with us. She loves to teach, and we love to learn. 

When she goes on vacation, she brings back things to share with us.  She brought back some sand dollars from Hawaii. She went snorkeling in the ocean and took some movies to show us. Mrs. Wray is very nice. She gives tons of compliments. She calls us her “little friends.” She has good hugs. Mrs. Wray is really pretty. 

Mrs. Wray is also a mom. She has a son and daughter and they both live in Austin. They are Texas Longhorns. Mrs. Wray loves Austin and loves her kids. She talks about them. Angela has a dog that is Mrs. Wray’s granddog. Her son is named John Michael. Angela is a good golfer.

My teacher has a beautiful home. We went there at Christmas and helped her make candy. She has a pool and a hot tub. I think her granddog will like the pool. She has a bobcat. He is really tough and likes to fight. She had another dog that was a Cocker Spaniel who now lives in heaven. Mrs. Wray cried when she died. 

Mrs. Wray is a great teacher. I have learned a lot of things like drawing VIN diagrams and graphing. She loves books. Her husband’s name is John and he made her a red apple pointer. 

I wish Mrs. Wray could be my first grade teacher. I will miss her and I will be her friend forever. 

— Johnathan

The Wray Way Testimonial 3

Elliot has thoroughly enjoyed his Kindergarten experience and for that, we have you to thank. He loves going to school, for both pedagogic and social aspects. Rarely a day goes by that Elliot doesn’t weigh in on some topic with the imprimatur “Mrs. Wray said…” Today, it was ROY G. BIV - the visible spectrum. He especially likes library day. Building on this love of books, he and Esther have turned Thursday afternoon visits to the Woodland Public Library into a ritual. He’s really exhausted the paleontology and nature stacks. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed having Elliot as a student. After nearly a year, we remain amazed at your stamina and enthusiasm towards teaching, and are grateful that Elliot’s introduction to primary school occurred under your guidance. 

— Jerry

The Wray Way Testimonial 4

What can I say about Mrs. Wray? She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. Her sense of style in teaching makes learning fun and enables the children to retain their lessons. As a result, I feel confident that my child is ready for 1st grade. 

Thank you Mrs. Wray!

P.S. My little girl just loves her. You can tell by all of the hugs they give each other!

— Anonymous

The Wray Way Testimonial 5

What a gift you are!! Our family feels so grateful to have you again as a teacher.

When we moved here from Atlanta I was so concerned with how the move would affect Dylan. It was in the middle of a school year and he didn’t know a sole. But your warmth and kindness made him feel right at home. He just loves you. And we were so appreciative. 

This year, we kept hoping Samantha would be able to experience your warmth for kindergarten as well. We are just thrilled! You touch the lines of our children daily in ways you don’t know. You instill confidence and persistence as well as fun in our little ones. 

Thank you so much for all you do!

Much love,

— susan kase

The Wray Way Testimonial 6

I would like to begin this letter with a sincere thank you from the Malone family. You are the beginning to our child’s future. Because of you and your dedication to teaching, David Elementary is a wonderful place. 

Montana often returns home from school with a smile on his face. When I say how was your day, he would say without hesitation mom it was great and I love Mrs. Wray!

Mrs. Wray that is a wonderful feeling to me to know that you are truly inspiring Montana in ways only a natural could do. We will never forget you.

— JannA Malone, Mike Malone, Montanta Malone,
Myles Malone

Thank you for making James’ introduction to school such a wonderfully positive experience. Your patient encouragement and your fun, but challenging approach have measurably fostered his eagerness to learn and stimulated his natural curiosity. How privileged we feel to have enjoyed your special brand of caring, creative, enthusiastic education! The extent of your caring, while obvious on a day-to-day basis, was never more so than after James broke his arm. He felt so pleased that you came to see him AT HIS HOUSE! He loved the surprises especially the get-well book from his classmates. However, the time you spent visiting with him was the highlight of his day! We will never forget your kindness and thoughtfulness. Certainly you will always have a special place in our hearts and in our memories!

— Becky & Steve wolhart

The Wray Way Testimonial 8

Thanks for the memories…

  • for helping Kelly’s little hands hold scissors to cut, crayons to draw, and pencils to write with
  • for always having a smile as wide as Texas
  • for all the gentle encouragement you give your students
  • for your patience and wonderful sense of humor
  • for all the “extras” you do for the children
  • for all the knowledge you’ve imparted


— Kathleen ditter

The Wray Way Testimonial 9

I am so thankful that my daughter Claire was able to be in your class this year. This year had the opportunity to create a last situation for Claire. 

With your loving guidance Claire has a real love of school and a true desire to learn. I only hope the teachers who influence her in the future are as positive and dedicated to the students as you are. 

Claire’s mother and I very much appreciate your support of Claire and are very thankful for your talent as a teacher. 

I can think of no greater gift than to be able to inspire the desire to learn.

With Thanks and Respect,


I was so thrilled having you as Ben’s first elementary teacher! Your special loving and kind spirit touched my and Ben’s hearts and made this kindergarten year very comfortable for both of us.

I have always said how beautiful you are, both inside and out, and David Elementary should be honored to have you as what I believe to be the epitome of kindergarten teachers!

I hope that you have a fun filled summer an I want to say that the children in your 2001-2002 class will be blessed and truly the most loved children in kindergarten at David Elementary!

Thank you for your warm hugs and great advice you’ve given me. You always make Ben and me smile and the room shine whenever you are there because of your loving spirit. You are truly an angel with two sets of wings. 


The Wray Way Testimonial 11

Thank you for being such a caring and nurturing teacher to Emily. 

Your energy, hard work, dedication and love of teaching have resulted in Emily enjoying an excellent learning experience in 1st grade.

The fun that you bring to the classroom has such a positive impact on your students. Emily flourishes in this type of environment.

Your friendliness and sincerity have not changed since the day we met last August.

You always seem to have a smile to share with everyone you come into contact. The time you make for your students or even parents is very special.

You have a great sense of humor and we know the children feel truly loved. We feel truly privileged to have met such a wonderful person and teacher, (Thank you for not putting my husband’s name in the “Black Book” when he came to visit on Emily’s Birthday.)

In one-way or another, you have taught all of us something special this year. 

We love you!


The Wray Way Testimonial 12

Thank you for teaching us a lot of new things. I love you! You are generus, kind, nice and patient. You're fun with crafts. I have learned a lot from you.



The Wray Way Testimonial 13

1st grade is a special time. 

There is so much to learn, so much fun to have, and many friends to make. A child’s success in school is, in many ways, a direct result of her teacher. A talented, caring teacher can show a child the joy of reading, teach them to be proud of a well done math problem, and comfort them for a misspelled word. Most of all, a teacher can help a child learn to love school and instill in them a desire to learn and grow.

Alex has learned much and grown a lot during her 1st grade year. Most of all, she has risen each morning excited to go to school, excited to learn something new, and very excited to spend another day with a wonderful teacher. Thanks for everything you have done. 


The Wray Way Testimonial 14

I think you are the best teacher in the world! I like the way you encourage us to work harder.



The Wray Way Testimonial 15

Happy Teacher's Day. You do fun thing's. Have a Happy Day. You make me feel special. I love you! You are special. You make the day great. You do fun teaching a lot. You teach many things. You let's us watch movies a lot. You have very nice hair. You are very nice. You make me laugh.


The Wray Way Testimonial 16

There once was a teacher
whose name was Mrs. Wray.
She taught me lots
in her own special way.

She makes me feel smart,
and that makes me smile,
I think I could be ANYTHING,
if only for a short while.

When I finish school and be what I dream, I'll remember Mrs. Wray,
As it was with her,
that got me started on my way!


The Wray Way Testimonial 17

To Mrs. Wray, From Davis. Goal!

The Wray Way Testimonial 18

1 Thess 1:2 “And I do always thank God for and remember you in my prayers.” You have been a special blessing to Erin. We’re so glad that God picked you out for us. You truly love the children that God has entitled to you care. You find ways to bring out the best in each one. You open your heart and your arms to them, and they are drawn to the light they see in your life. (The light of Christ.)

You are the best! Love,

The Wray Way Testimonial 19

You have meant a lot to me my first year at David. I have learned so much from you and I am grateful. I was scared my first day school but you made me feel welcome and safe and special. I am grateful for that.

You always remember to choose the right words when speaking to me, and I am grateful for that. Thank you for making me feel really good about myself whenever I am sad, and I am grateful to you.

I think you’re gorgeous! I love your pretty smile and your fingernail polish and your toenails painted with cute flowers on it!

The Wray Way Testimonial 20

Mel Wray is a Wonder Woman because…

She saves me everyday. Your constant bright beautiful smile tells me daily that everything is going to be okay. I would be L-O-S-T without you. You are not just the best partner, but an extension to my personal family. Your friendship is priceless to me, you have made me a better person by knowing you. You are a complete joy to work with, each new day your positive attitude, jokes, and care kept me going for the past years. You will always be in my “6”!
You are a wonder woman because of the many different hats you wear to support the needs of others. Thank you for the many different life and school lessons learned. Your constant dedication and effort to improve the education of others is remarkable, Thank you for touching and blessing my life. Thank you for your courage and honesty. What will I do next year without you? CRY…I will miss you dearly at school bit will find time to continue to play and visit. You are so talented Mel…Let your light shine wherever you go!

Love ya always,


The Wray Way Testimonial 21

Mel Wray is Wonder Woman because...
M. She sees the MIRACLE in every child.
E. Her ENTHUSIASM is contagious.
L. LOVES all her students
A. ALWAYS willing to fight for a friend!
Y. Forever YOUNG at heart.

The Wray Way Testimonial 22

Mel Wray is a Wonder Woman because...
despite all the craziness of teaching first grade - with all those little hands demanding so much attention and continually reaching out to her, she has a perpetual smile on her face. She is continually giving back! We'll miss her! It definitely has been a privilege to work with her.

Best Wishes & God Bless,


The Wray Way Testimonial 23

Mel Wray is a Wonder Woman because...
She can juggle a dozen balls in the air while teaching a squirmy class, while keeping her team organized and on top of things, while staying in touch with John, Michael and Angela, while charming her student's parents till they're kissing her feet. She does it all without breaking a sweat or a fingernail. She's as fresh and impeccably groomed at the end of the day as she was when she arrived at the beginning of the day , with never a hair out of place, never a wrinkle on her clothes, never a run in her stockings and never a smudge in her makeup! She can single-handedly (with John’s help) organize an impromptu luncheon or party that you would swear had been organized for weeks. The term :hostess with the Mostest” was coined for Mel. She does it all with charm and grace with a smile on her face (and yours!) You’d think she’s the luckiest woman in the world till you notice how hard she works at everything she does and how quickly she gives credit for all that she is and all that she has to her Creator. She is warm, witty, charming, graceful, organized and creative! The truth is now known. Wonder Woman is MEL WRAY!!!

The Wray Way Testimonial 24

Mel Wray is Wonder Woman because...
she is smart and she is bright, she is fun and polite, she is caring and kind and fun all the time. She is there in time of need and always does good deeds, but of all her qualities, the most important one to me is that she is my friend.

The Wray Way Testimonial 25


You will never know what an influence you have been to me. I have had such an amazing experience my first two years teaching, and a lot of this is due to you. I cannot imagine what we would’ve done without you. Your humor, clever ideas and encouragement are what I shall miss the most. Your new Kindergarteners are in for a real treat and I don’t think your new colleagues have a clue what they are in for. Good luck next year and don’t forget the “little people!” You will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for all you are and all you do.


The Wray Way Testimonial 26

I would like to start this letter out by saying thank you! Why, because you have been a joy to my son Montana. He has learned so much from you. Thank you for letting Myles be apart of your life here at David. As a parent, it is so important to have a teacher relationship. I have been very proud of having you as my son’s teacher. You are so dedicated. You are kind, caring, understanding, patient, and fun to be around. Montana, Myles, Mike and myself will miss you very much! Montana was just telling me how much he was going to miss walking down the first grade hall, and not getting to hug you! So we said a prayer to never lose touch. You have done a remarkable job here at David! We will never forget you!


I highly recommend you to anyone looking for tutoring or coaching. You're an amazing teacher and really help the children grow academically as well as gain secondary confidence. Thank you for continuing your business and sharing your talents!

I have known Mel Wray for twenty years both as a colleague and friend.  Her passion for teaching is contagious.  She is full of fun, and children immediately feel safe and loved in her presence.  Having taught children with learning disabilities as a career professional, I have experienced first hand the importance of establishing confidence and trust in order for struggling students to make progress. There is no doubt Mel Wray excels in this capacity. She knows no bounds in striving to make each student successful.  Her extensive experience and knowledge in how to motivate and help her young charges master required objectives and to go beyond have been proven in the success of the many students who have benefitted from her instruction. She is tops in my estimation of teaching professionalism and expertise. It has been a privilege to know and work with her.